Thursday, 8 December 2011


For this workshop, our theme was Natural World.
Firstly, We choose a sentence/quote from a given list, mine was:
"Don't Blow It! Good Planets are Hard to Find!" (Time Magazine).

Next, to gather some ideas I made a spider diagram for the 'Natural World'.

Then using these ideas, I created 2 A3 landscape pages that show a range of mark making by using natural brushes and textures, on Photoshop.

Mark making on Photoshop:  

This was my first experiment, I think it more easily shows what my project is about - the natural world. I tried to include trees, wind, sun (weather), flowers, coral, fish etc.
For my second experiment I tired to make it less of an illustration and slightly more abstract but all the while you still can tell what my image is about. Out of both of them, this is my favourite.
Using the techniques from the A3 sheets and our given sentence I made a small animation on Photoshop. This is the first video I made which is a trial animation using my name. 

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