Tuesday, 22 November 2011

New Faces

Image 1 - Captain De Niro.


What did I merge?

Image 2 - Kate Monroe

What did I merge?

  • First things first, I collected both my images and opened them in Photoshop. With the Move Tool I placed my new face on to image behind.
  • Next, using Free Transform I moved and rescaled my image to match the image behind. To help me position it I used Guides (which I cleared once I finished).
  • Using the Eraser Tool I started to blend my images. To blend more carefully such as the neck area and hair around the face, I adjusted the Brush Size and Hardness, I later adjusted the Opacity to help blend even more.
  • Lastly I adjusted the Brightness/Contrast and Colour Balance, where it was needed, to help blend and match both images.

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