Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Posterizing & Halftones


Image 1 - Posterized and Halftone.
Image 2 - Posterized, Halftone and Gradient.


Image 3 -  Posterized & Halftone.

Image 4 - Posterized, Halftone and Gradient.

Image 5 - Posterized, Halftone and Gradient with Blending Mode - Screen.

To achieve these effects, I firstly used posterizing to reduced the image to just a few colours, in this case 5.
I then, used halftone mode achieve the 'pixel' or 'spotted' effect.
Next, I used layer blending modes and changed the greyscale layer to overlay. This was to bring through the colour. 
Lastly, for my second and forth images I added a rainbow style gradient to add colour. I put this layer in between the greyscale and normal layers. I also changed the opacity of the gradient layer, so the colour was less intense, but left the blending mode on 'normal'. 

My favourite image is Image 1, I think it works better without the Rainbow Gradient.
I also really like Image 5, where I changed the blending mode of the gradient layer to 'screen', it makes it seem like it was a really sunny and bright day.

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