Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Repeat Pattern

I wanted to experiment with making a repeat pattern from a little drawing I did, just to learn the skills so I could apply them to my current Graphics Project, where I want to create wrapping paper by repeating my logo. 

Click here to check out my logo and repeat pattern on my other blog.
Original Image.
Repeat Pattern.
These are the steps I took to create these:
  • Firstly I rezised my image to a easier comprehensible size in this case 300 x 400 pixels (resolution = 150).
  • I then adjusted my image with the Levels and Curves.
  • Then I seleted Offset (on the Filter Menu) and added half the size on each side and I made sure I selected Wrap Round option. 
  • I created a much bigger new document (2400 x 3200 pixels).
  • To create the repeat pattern, I selected all of my new image and copied and pasted it onto the new document, many times and aligning each piece.
  • To finish, I flatten my image to make it all one layer.
To change the colours of the design and make different versions, I used the Hue/Saturation Adjustment. 

Blue and Purple.
Blue and Green.
I really enjoyed creating these images and it wasn't too hard to understand. :)

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