Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Cinema 4D...

Basic Cinema 4D 
I made these images on Cinema 4D Software.
Image 1
Image 1:
I added a cube, cone and sphere from the Primitive Shapes Menu.
Repositioned them with the Move Tool.
Added a Floor Object. 
On Materials Manager, I created 3 New Materials and made sure each material had a 20% Brightness on the Reflection Menu. I then dragged them to the objects.
For the floor, I choose a Tile Surface Texture instead of a block colour. I edited the tiles colour and dragged it to the Floor. 
To finish I added an Omni Light Object, repositioned it, changed its brightness to 150% and added a Soft Shadow. 

Image 2.
Image 2:
I rotated the Cone. 
I changed the brightness of each object to 50% instead of 20%.
I also changed the texture of the floor surface to Wood, to which I also gave a brightness of 50% so it reflects more into the objects. 
Lastly, I added a second light (but with a 100% brightness) at the back of the objects so the shadow wouldn't be as dark, which is clearly seen when comparing Image 1 and Image 2.

Image 2 - Different View Point and Zoom.
From this view point you can see how far the shadows stretch. 

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