Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Creating a Glass on Cinema 4D

  • This was quite a complicated process! :/ 
  • I used the Bezier Spline Drawing Tool on Front View Mode (Not Perspective View).
  • I sketched out half a glass, starting with the base of the cup at XY 0. It was quite hard to perfect, but luckily the points could be repositioned with the Move Tool.
  • Then I selected the Lathe NURB Object, and in the Object Manager I placed the Spline into the Lathe NURB, this changed the 2D Spline in a 3D Object. 
  • Next I added a Floor Object from the Scene Menu, and repositoned the Glass above the Floor Object with the Move Tool. 
  • To make the glass appear smoother when rendered I increased the Lathe NURB Subdivisions (number of Polygons its made from) to 50 (in the Attributes Manager). 
  • To make the Glass Material I deselected Colour Setting and selected Transparency Setting where I applied a Colour, 50% Brightness and 1.5 Refraction
  • I also selected the Reflection Setting and applied a 25% Brightness
  • And Specular Setting with a Plastic Mode and Width of 27%.
  • I added this material to the Glass Object and a Checkerboard Material to the Floor Object. 
  • To finish I added 2 Omni Light Objects with a 50% Brightness and Soft Shadows instead of one light with 150% Brightness as it caused too much dark shadows. 

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