Tuesday, 22 May 2012

iPod Movie :)

  • I made this animation/movie on Cinema 4D.
  • Before starting I changed the iPod Screen by replacing it with The Scripts Album. 
  • I added a Circle Path/Spline & a Target Camera.
  • I resized and repositioned my Circle, then selected the Camera and Aligned it To Spline.
  • I then checked the view through the camera to see what view I would get in the animation. 
  • Before starting the animation I changed the frames to 150F so the movie would be 5 seconds long. 
  • At 0F I changed the Position to 0%, I selected Animation & Added Keyframe, then at 150F I changed the Position to 100% and added another Keyframe.

Once finished I Rendered the Animation, and made sure its format was QuickTime Movie. 

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