Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Depth of Field Photos.

SLR cameras are usually used to produce this effect. 

With a high lens aperture (small f-number) you will create a large depth of field where the foreground and the background will all, more or less be in focus. 

Therefore with a low lens aperture (big f-number) you will create a shallow depth of field where only your selected object will be in focus, usually in the foreground. 

Large Depth of Field.
Shallow Depth of Field.

How I created these images:
  • My aim was to fake the depth of field and so I collected 2 images, the parrots and the forest background. 
  • Using the Quick Selection Tool, I selected the parrots.
  • Before moving them onto my other image, the forest background, I feathered my selection to soften the outline of the parrots.
  • Once placed on the new background, I rescaled and position the parrots. 
  • I then saved this image.
  • To create the shallow depth of field, I blurred my image using the Gaussian Blur to 1.5 Pixels. 
  • I then saved this image. 

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