Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Wood Block Effect on Photoshop

These images are supposed to look like a wood block print.

How I made these images:
  • I scanned in my image, I drew it making sure each line was a double line as this is to represent the thick line you would carve out of a woodblock.
  • Next I added a new layer.
  • I selected the parts of my image with the magic wand tool and filled in colour with the Bucket Tool on my new layer. 
  • Once completely coloured I deleted the background layer and flatten my image.
  • With a picture of a wood texture I found online, I changed it to Black & White, then adjusted the Curves and Inverted the image.
  • I then moved it onto my image and put it as the layer behind.
  • To finish I changed the the top layer's Blending Mode to Screen. 

Multi-coloured Print.
I then decided to try and make the block print more realistic by using just one colour as you usually do when creating a block print.
Pink Version.

Next using Hue/Saturation Adjustment on the image above I made this image...
Blue Version.
Coffee Cup Print.

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